European Vacation – Paris – Day 2

Even though we knew that taking the car into Paris would be a mistake, we were really dreading the bus ride and then having to get around by subway in Paris.  We all come from Manitoba where subways simply do not exist.

Our fears were not needed though.  We met a very sweet lady at the bus stop who talked to the bus driver for us and he was very helpful and then a young woman on her way to work explained the subway system to us.  Without their help we would have had problems, I’m sure – but because of them we were prepared and did very well.

We came up at Champs d’Elysees and walked over the the Arc de Triomphe where we found a tourist office and booked a tour for this afternoon.

After lunch at one of Frommer’s suggestions, we went back to the Arc to wait for our tour.  We talked to a French student for awhile and then got ready to board the bus.  It was a wonderful 3 hour tour that covered so much of Paris.  We found many places that we wanted to go back and take more time there.  One of the places I really want to go back to is the square where student artists sell their paintings.  Several artists asked to draw me – but we only had a few minutes to look around and there wouldn’t have been time.

Our bus driver didn’t speak English, but he was pretty funny anyway.  At one of the stops he sprayed me with some kind of perfume as I got off.  Maybe he thought I was kind of smelly.  🙂  It was obvious that he enjoyed his job.

After the tour we started back to our motel.  We had no problem with the subway, but caught the wrong bus.  It wasn’t too bad, since it took us in the general direction, but we had to walk about a mile to get to the motel.  Part of the walk was right along the highway, so we had several honks and waves from passing truck drivers.  After wandering around all day, we were pretty tired by the time we got to our room.

We all agreed that Paris was exciting and could hardly wait until tomorrow when we go back again.

My pictures today are from the artist square.

Paris Artist Square
Paris Artist Square
Paris Artist Square
Paris Artist Square

Today was Wednesday, July 30th, 1975.