European Vacation – Paris to Lintgen

We decided in the morning that we would splurge on one more meal at our motel before leaving France, so Alvena and I went down for breakfast.  Karen didn’t go with us and I’m not sure why, but we feasted on anything any everything we wanted at a huge breakfast buffet.

We then headed into Paris to find the road that would take us to Luxemberg.  We must be getting good at this because we found it without any problem at all and were soon on our way.  We saw a few Danish people who thought we were also Danish and waved to us as we went.  We enjoyed waving back to them as it had been awhile since we saw any.  Our car Libby had Danish license plates.

We asked what the currency was in Luxemberg when we crossed the border (this was before the Euro) and were told we could use French, Belgium or Luxemberg money.  Since we still had French, we decided not to change any over.

We got into a campground and put up the tent before going to the office and finding out that the campground did not accept the French franc, but they said we could pay in the morning after getting some money changed.

We went to a restaurant in town where they accepted our money and we had pizza for dinner.  We’re not going to be here long, so it seems a shame to have to change money over for one night.

My last comment for the day was that there are hundreds of wasps there.  I didn’t mention any of us getting stung, so they must just be hanging around .  August is a bad time of year for wasps back home here too.

Today is Sunday, August 3rd and we traveled 240 km.  It doesn’t look like I took any pictures today.