European Vacation – Luxemburg to Brussels

We packed up the tent this morning and then headed for a bank in town to change some money over for the camp site.   Then we went back to town for breakfast.  🙂

After breakfast we crossed the border into Belgium.  The guards simply waved us through.  We reached Brussels just after noon.  We had our lunch and then got busy making plans and reservations as our vacation will soon be coming to an end.  Alvena booked her flight home while Karen and I confirmed our reservations on the Stefan Batory – our ship back to Canada.

We booked a tour for tomorrow and then looked for a camping spot.  The spots are very popular however and you need a reservation to get into one, so we had to give up that idea.  We checked into a motel on the outskirts of town that is supposed to be air conditioned, but once inside our room, we found out that it wasn’t.   It was hot.

Our picture today is a postcard from Brussels.  It doesn’t say anything on the postcard except that it is a view of Brussels, so I have no idea what that is in the center area.


It doesn’t hurt to look things up sometimes – so I now know that the monument in the center is called Atomium and was built in 1958 for Expo 58.

Today was Monday August 4th, 1975 and we traveled 160 km.