I Knew This Day Would Come

Taking a quick break from Europe, and back to earth (or Canada) here.  🙂

A few weeks ago, I had my doctor appointment with yet another new doctor and had some blood tests done as usual.  I got a call a couple of weeks later that my doctor wanted to see me and they set an appointment.

Well, on Thursday I went to see him and it seems I now have to watch my cholesterol.  😦

I have never watched my diet – and it shows.  I always said that I would adjust things when ordered to do so.  That day has now come.

He told me that my levels were not extreme and there is no reason to panic at this time, but he wants me to get started on a healthier diet now.

He gave me some reading to do and I also checked out some online sites and have decided to ease into things.  There is no way I am going to change my whole diet over night but have started making some small changes.

I picked up some fruit and vegetables when I went shopping on Friday.  I started reading labels on foods and if the cholesterol or sodium was high, I didn’t buy it.  This really does cut into my normal, fast and easy frozen dinner routine.  I will actually have to make my lunches to take to work instead of just grabbing a frozen entree as I go out the door now.

I am going to have a piece of fruit in between my meals, in the hopes that I am not starving when I sit down to eat.  If I eat less, I may have leftovers to eat at another time.

I did not do much adjusting with my unhealthy Saturday morning breakfast this week.  I ordered my toast dry and still had my eggs, sausage, bacon, ham and hash browns to eat.  By next Saturday, I may make another change.

If I do this right, I should be able to loose some weight as well as bring my cholesterol level down.  The doctor wants more blood tests in about 6 months.

Since we are back in Canada for today I’ll let you know that Chester had another seizure last night.  This time it was 100% my fault and I feel horrible.  I forgot to feed him on time and he gets his meds with his food.  😦  I can’t believe I did that.  Three hours after he was supposed to get them, he had the seizure.  It was a mild seizure with a fairly quick recovery time.  It was after that when I realized he hadn’t eaten yet.

It looks like we’re having spring in March this year.  🙂  After an unbelievable winter with warmer than normal temperatures and much less snow than usual, we are now getting above freezing temperatures, which are predicted to last for several days.  The snow is melting!  🙂  At this rate the snow might all be gone by next weekend.  Of course, this is still March and a blizzard by the next weekend is always a possibility.

Africam continues to take up most of my time, even while preparing for my trip to Africa this year.  You can see today’s pictures from the cams here.