European Vacation – Tielt to Amsterdam

During breakfast at the little hotel, we saw that they had adorable little demi-tasse or miniature cup and saucers in the restaurant.  We had seen them at restaurants before and even bought one somewhere, but we all really liked the ones they had here more than what we had already bought.

We asked our waitress if we could each buy one, but she didn’t know and had to call her manager to ask.  The manager wasn’t home, but her mother gave our waitress permission to sell them to us.  I am guessing from looking at the cup that the hotel was called Shamrock.  🙂

After breakfast we headed for Rotterdam to find out where the docks are and see what currency we would need on the ship.  We will be turning the car in and will have to take the bus to get back to the docks when its time to start for home in about 10 days.

Then we headed for Amsterdam, where we found a motel on the outskirts of the city near the airport, since Alvena will be flying home soon.

We have a farmer’s field outside the window with cattle and sheep nearby.

Today’s picture is one that I just took of my little cup and saucer.

Shamrock Cup & Saucer
Shamrock Cup & Saucer

Today is Thursday August 7th, 1975 and we traveled 150 km.