European Vacation – Sassenheim

After a huge breakfast this morning, Karen and I headed for a zoo that was just down the highway.  We spent about 3 hours wandering around it.  For a small town, they have a pretty impressive zoo.    One of the main things I remember and the only thing I mentioned in my travel diary (other than the impressive part) is that they had a few critters wandering on their own – peacocks, rabbits and roosters, and there always seemed to be at least one following us.  Our zoo in Winnipeg now has the peacocks roaming free in the summer too, but until the zoo in Sassenheim, I had never seen this.

After the zoo, we looked for a place where we might be able to go horseback riding, but the only horses we found were at a racetrack, so we gave up on that idea.

We drove back to our room, where we parked the car and then wandered around the town for awhile, looking into shops and just taking it easy.

We went back to our hotel where we then had another huge meal.  I don’t know what we ate, but the plates were very large and they piled the food on them.

The temperature was comfortable during the day and it is cooling off again tonight.

The picture today is one taken by a photographer as we entered the zoo.  I love the look on our faces as we both saw him at the same time.  These days, we are used to having photographers jump out at you when you enter almost any place, but back in 1975, it wasn’t common.

Mavis & Karen at the Zoo
Mavis & Karen at the Zoo

Today is Sunday August 10th, 1975