European Vacation – Sassenheim to Rotterdam

After breakfast with 50 guys this morning, we packed up and headed for Rotterdam.  Don’t ask me about the 50 guys because I have no idea – LOL

We were glad to find out that the hotel had an elevator because it took us 2 trips each to get all our stuff out of the car (which we have to return tomorrow).  We realized that we had picked a perfect place to stay until our ship leaves, since it is right in the middle of everything here.  Lots of shops and movie theaters are nearby – so we should be fine without a car.

Karen and I both bought a book, just in case we got bored.  We had a window facing a small courtyard so our view was basically other rooms in the hotel and when we were taking a look this evening, a couple of Dutchmen across the courtyard started talking to us.  🙂  They said they might be over a little later, but were studying right then.  They both work during the day and spend their evening studying.

A little after 10:00 pm, they did come knocking at our door and we went out with them for drinks.  Hans and Hidde happened to run into some of their friends in the bar and we had lots of fun.

About an hour after we returned to our room, the woman next door got home and she was very drunk.  She phoned her friend Muriel and they had a nice, long and loud conversation and some guy (might have been Hans or Hidde) yelled from the courtyard “lady – shut up”.  It didn’t seem to stop her, but I fell asleep anyway.  Karen said that she heard her talking for some time after that.

It doesn’t look like I took pictures here, but I have a couple from the area that I hadn’t posted yet, so here is one of them.  It is a grain elevator – somewhere in Holland.

Holland Grain Elevator
Holland Grain Elevator