European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 2

We slept in until 7:30 this morning and went downstairs to have breakfast with the guys before they headed to work.  Then we walked down to the river to catch a 9 hour boat ride tour of the harbour and dykes.

The first few hours were pretty interesting – but after that it got a bit boring and the seats were very uncomfortable.  I don’t remember this tour at all and can’t even imagine a 9 hour tour.  We saw the 19 windmills – but none of them were working and we saw the Mais Dyke at Delta Works.  I could find information on 19 windmills, just by searching online, but can not find anything on Mais Dyke at Delta Works so I do not know what or where that was.

As soon as we got off the boat we headed for dinner at a nearby restaurant.  I didn’t mention eating on the boat, so we must have been very hungry.  The waiters here were as entertaining as the bartenders at the bar where we’ve been going with the guys.  

Hidde has a test tomorrow, so he only allowed himself an hour away from his studying and no drinking, so we just hung out and talked for an hour.

I have one picture that must have been taken on the boat tour today.

Rotterdam from Boat Tour
Rotterdam from Boat Tour

Today is Wednesday August 13th, 1975