European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 4

This morning we packed our bags and headed back to good old 27 in the Central.  (I guess our hotel must be the Central Hotel – amazing how I figured that out).  The guys at the desk greeted us as long lost friends and helped us carry our stuff back up to our room, including everything we left in the storage room there.  They hadn’t helped us when we first moved in, so we were a little surprised that they did this time.

We planned on walking to the zoo today, but the clouds were very threatening and we didn’t want to get stuck far from home in the rain.  We decided just to check out some of the nearby stores instead.   We picked up a jig saw puzzle and headed back to our room when it started raining.  It took us the afternoon to get it all together and by then the rain had stopped.

We decided to eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant.  The food was delicious and inexpensive, especially compared to what we’ve paid for most of our other meals.

The movie theater next door was playing Funny Lady, so we spend the evening watching it.  The theater is set up differently than they are back here at home.  The prices varied according to the seating – and not by age.  So, when you buy a ticket, you have your seat assigned and that is where you sit.  Each row was up 2 steps so visibility was great no matter where you sat.  Food was not allowed in the seating area at all and it was so clean (of course).  There was an intermission so you could go out and eat or drink, but you had to finish before returning to the movie.  We enjoyed the movie.  🙂

This was the only movie we went to, so I don’t know if that is normal throughout Europe or not.  If it is, I’ll quickly tell you how movies here operate.  Prices are based on age – child/adult/senior and once you are in, you pick whatever seat you want that is open.  The aisles are generally a little higher at the back than at the front, but usually only a few inches between rows, which made it difficult for a child to see if an adult sat in front of them.  That has improved in newer theaters lately.   Most people load up on snacks and drinks before going in to find their seat and eat throughout the movie – often leaving the empty containers on the floor beside their seat.  The theater does ask that you take your garbage to the door where large containers are waiting for it and that helps now.  Back in 1975 though, everyone just dropped their garbage on the floor, and in between shows the cleaners would race in to clean up.  They still do race in  between shows to clean up what hasn’t been deposited in the containers.

I have run out of Rotterdam pictures – so no picture today.

Today is Friday August 15, 1975