European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 5

This is the longest we have stayed in any one place since we arrived in Europe.  Its too bad that Karen and I hadn’t arranged to keep the car for a bit longer so we could have explored more – but its not long now until our ship leaves and I guess we’ll be on it for even longer.  🙂

It was raining this morning when we woke up so we’re a little afraid that we won’t see much of the sun before we leave.

We walked over to Central Station after breakfast and bought chocolate to take home with us.  After lunch at McDonalds ( I wonder if they still have Krokets there now – I had been hoping we would get them in Canada) we bought another puzzle to keep us occupied while we wait out the rain.  It didn’t work this time and I hardly looked at it.  We don’t have any rain gear with us and we’ve already got wet clothes from this morning, so we don’t want to go anywhere.

We walked across the street to a steakhouse for dinner tonight and it was great.  Its been a long time since I’ve had a really good steak and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then we decided to go to another movie, but just missed the first showing and didn’t feel like hanging around for the second one.  Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow.

We just went to bed early.