European Vacation – Rotterdam – Day 6

This morning at breakfast, our waiter slipped us each an extra piece of raisin toast because we both got excited when we saw it.  🙂   I don’t know what else we had for breakfast though.

Today is our last day here and even though it is cloudy, we decided we’d better go to the Euro Mast – since this is our last chance to see it.  I had a picture of it taken from the tour boat a few days ago, but our plan was to go up it.

It is a bit different from other towers.  The place to walk around and look out is about 1/2 way up.  There is also a restaurant and a bar at that level.  Then you get into a glass elevator and go to the top, where the elevator revolves for about 5 minutes and you can see all around.  You are taken back down to the restaurant and bar area and can walk around again if you like – or just catch another elevator back down to the ground.

Later, we got to the movie theater in time for the early show.  They were showing Front Page tonight and we enjoyed it.  This time they had the intermission after the commercials and before the movie began.  After the movie we went to McDonalds for our last taste of krokets and french fries with mayo.

We’re excited about getting onto our ship tomorrow to begin the journey home.