European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 1

This morning after breakfast we got everything all packed up and then checked out at 11:00 am.  We hung around the lobby with all our stuff until 12:30 and then called a taxi to take us to the docks.

We boarded the ship with amazingly little trouble, although they lost Angel for awhile. They did finally find him and we got settled into our cabin.  This will be home for the next 9 days.

After an uneventful cast off, we were on our way.

So far its been a pretty rocky trip – I hope we get a lot of smooth sailing after this.  Stefan is quite a bit larger than the Aphrodite, but the waves out here are quite a bit higher than they were when we were on the Aphrodite.  I guess we still have to get our sea legs.

We have checked out all the guys on board and are not very impressed.  Many of them are  Canadian and they just don’t measure up to the European guys.  One is ok, but he had been living in Sweden for the past 9 years – so he is almost Swedish.  🙂  The crew have their own deck, so they don’t mingle with the passengers when off duty.

For today’s picture, I have the cover of the passenger list.  Funny thing is that I looked to find my name and instead of my name, it has my mother’s name in it.  To make it a little more strange, I see I also have an invitation to a cocktail party, but that has my name.  Maybe I let them know after boarding – if so, this might be explained in a day or 2.  🙂

Passenger List Stefan Batory
Passenger List Stefan Batory

I haven’t been on a ship since Stefan and I doubt if they still give everyone a passenger list.  This list is divided by place of departure and arrival as well as first class and tourist class.  First names are not listed, but some have initials and some have Mr or Mrs.  I am Mrs H and Karen is Mr K with our last names, of course.

Today is Monday August 18th, 1975.