European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 2

We woke up fully recovered this morning and were promptly kick out of our room by the steward who wanted to make our beds.  There will obviously be no lying around in bed in the morning on this ship.

We spent most of the day in port at Tilbury.  We thought about going ashore, but we’ve done enough touring over the past months, that it felt good to just hang out on deck.  Besides, we would have had to pay port tax if we got off and we didn’t have any British money so we would have had to find a place to exchange some.

Two of the girls at our dinner table are Helga (from Edmonton) and Anne (immigrating to Montreal) and both are very nice.  🙂  James is the guy we talked to yesterday, but we don’t know the names of the guys at our table yet.  (It was a big round table and I’m thinking there were 8 around it.)

Our steward game to see us later and gave us a bunch of barf bags because he is sure we are going to spend the next few days being sea sick and he wanted us to be ready.  I’m hoping he is wrong.  Right now we are moving nice and steady along the Thames River (or maybe we had been docked at the Thames River).

We went to see ‘What’s Up Doc’ in the theater tonight.  It was hilarious!

I have 99% of my pictures labeled, but the one today is not marked.  I assume it is either Anne or Helga.  It looks like I only have a picture of one of them.

Anne or Helga
Anne or Helga

Today is Tuesday, August 19th, 1975.