European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 3

The whole day today was cool and cloudy and the ship never stopped rocking.  Most people on board were feeling very queasy.

I found that if I stayed outside or was walking inside, I didn’t feel too bad.  If I sat down inside, I soon felt sick again, but I could sit down outside and be ok.  It was worse in the cabin because our cabin was near the front of the ship, but Karen felt better in the cabin where she couldn’t see what was going on.  I felt better when I could see and when the wind was blowing in my face (even a very cool wind).

We had our lifeboat drill this afternoon.  On this ship, everyone puts a life jacket on for the drill – including the captain and the rest of the crew.  We were assigned our lifeboat and our waiter is in the same lifeboat as we are.  Its too bad he doesn’t speak English, but I guess he knows enough to know if we are asking for water or which of the meals we want.  The cabin stewards all speak English, but I don’t think many of the waiters do.

At our table of 8 (I was right), there were only 4 of us who showed up to eat tonight.  All but Karen of the no-shows had crossed the Atlantic by ship before.  I didn’t eat much though.

I think we started the day on the English Chanel and are now on the Atlantic Ocean.

Today is Wednesday August 20th, 1975.