European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 6

It was calm and clear this morning, but still quite cool.  Karen got up and came up, but didn’t even stay long enough for breakfast before she was back in the cabin again.

For a short time before lunch it warmed up enough that I could take my sweater off while in a sheltered spot in the sun.  It felt good.

I found Elizabeth today.  I had been asked by a guy a few days ago to look out for her.  I had actually talked to her yesterday also, but only found out her name today.  (I have no idea what this means.  I don’t know if I went back and reported to him that I had found her – or if I told her that he was looking for her – or if I just wrote this down and didn’t say anything to either of themI don’t even know who the guy was – LOL.)

Karen got up for a couple of hours and sat in Helga’s chair on the deck, but then returned to the cabin again.  Our steward has been really good to her – bringing her fruit, crackers and 7-up.  For some reason the lady in the next cabin is afraid of him though and she refused to let him in to close the porthole tonight.  I haven’t spent much time with him, but he visits Karen and she hasn’t had any problem with him.

Today’s picture is our waiter, in between 2 of the guys at our table.  I think that is Hank, the Dutch guy on the left and Paul the bearded professor on the right.

Hank, Waiter, Paul
Hank, Waiter, Paul

Today is Saturday August 23rd, 1975 and we are sailing on the Atlantic Ocean.