Vet Visit

I haven’t found anything to take pictures of for the last couple of days, so I’ll give you one of Chester’s pics and tell you a bit about our trip to the vet for his blood test on Friday. We showed up a little early as always and when greeted, I said that Chester was… Continue reading Vet Visit

Let the Garden Grow

I realize I promised Chester pictures today, but decided to wait until his birthday on May 1st, although I may show one or 2 tomorrow, since I took more of him today.  🙂 My plum tree is starting to flower, my tulips are starting to bud and I have lilies (I think) coming up so… Continue reading Let the Garden Grow


A trio of ducks that Chester and I found on our walk yesterday had me stumped.  Of course, they were more than 1/2 way across the Red River and even zooming in the full 36x on my Nikon didn’t bring them in enough. With that distance, the pictures are not as clear as they would… Continue reading Merganser

House Sparrow

Chester and I only found 1 Canada Goose on our walk along the Red River yesterday morning.  But, when we returned to our yard, there was a House Sparrow chirping away in the plum tree in the back yard.  I’ve never really taken a picture of a House Sparrow, so I snapped a couple.  He… Continue reading House Sparrow

Flowers are Growing

No sign of any actual flowers yet, but we’re finally getting weather almost as warm as it was in March – so they are growing again.  It is cooling off today unfortunately, and we may get some rain – so April hasn’t been a nice month with the weather. I’m hoping we aren’t going to… Continue reading Flowers are Growing

Migration Time

On yesterday’s walk along the Red River with Chester, we must have caught a break in the migration of a lot of different ducks and grebes.  I can’t identify all of them, but did manage to figure out a couple.  Of course there were Canada Geese there too and we met a little bunny along… Continue reading Migration Time

Mallards and Woods

Ducks that is  🙂 It was a beautiful bright sunny day when Chester and I had our walk yesterday.  I had an earlier shift so we had an earlier walk.  The sun was just at a nice level to make everything look wonderful. I saw one pair of Mallard Ducks, but the female was in… Continue reading Mallards and Woods