European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 7

We woke up to a storm this morning and it was beautiful to watch.  Of course, that meant the ship was rocking even more, but it was still beautiful.

I got some sea sickness pills from some guy yesterday (I have no idea who this guy is) and gave them to Karen, so she was up for the whole day today.  Whatever the pills are – they worked.

They closed all the portholes in the dining room – I guess so you couldn’t see how much we were moving up and down.  They also put ledges up around the tables, so the dishes wouldn’t fall off.  Every once in awhile we could hear smashing dishes in the kitchen.  It was a pretty wild ride.  🙂

Our waiter is starting to read my mind and I never even have to ask him for anything any more.  He just brings it when I’m thinking about asking.  One of the waiters at another table has started greeting me now too.

Today was Polish day.  We listened to Polish music and had Polish food to eat (including cabbage rolls).  We also saw a strange Polish movie about a wedding.  The crew was supposed to do some dancing, but it was so popular that you had to be there a long time in advance to get to see it.  Our waiter was dancing, so it would have been great to see.

I do have a picture of dancing, but maybe that was another day.  I’ll post it for today’s picture anyway.  🙂

These are young ladies and the crew is pretty much older men – so maybe these dancers came along in the next day or 2.


Today is Sunday August 24th, 1975 and we are on the Atlantic Ocean