European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 8

It was calm and sunny this morning, but still cold.  We’re in sight of  Canada now – Newfoundland was in view all day.

We were just finishing breakfast when they announced that we were approaching icebergs, so we all rushed out to take pictures.  🙂  (I guess the picture I posted a few days ago, belongs here.)

The Dutch guy finally surfaced again this morning and stayed up and Karen was up all day today too.

We went to see another strange movie today – although this one was very funny.  It was “O Lucky Man”.  There wasn’t much of a story to it – or if there was, I missed it.  🙂

The waiter from the other table is beginning to make me nervous now.  I don’t know if he speaks English or not.  He keeps speaking Polish to me and then he talks to our waiter, who then looks at me and says  something that sounds like ‘tuck’, which I was told meant ‘yes’.  He also brushes up against my back while walking behind me.  It may be that these guys are quite a bit slower than the Greek guys – or it may be that he is trying to find a way off the ship and into  Canada with a Canadian citizen.  Whatever he’s doing – I don’t like it.

I don’t know if this is Newfoundland or somewhere else – but it is somewhere in Canada  🙂


Today is Monday August 25th, 1975 and we are now sailing on the Strait of Belle Isle.

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