European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 9

It was completely calm today – but still cool and cloudy.  The ship slowed down to a crawl so we wouldn’t get to Montreal too soon, since we were ahead of schedule.

We listened to our last morning concert after breakfast and then I ran into my Florida buddy Gengiz, who gave me his address and phone number.  He wants me to come and live with him and his wives.  🙂

A flock of various warblers invaded the ship for awhile.    They seemed to be exhausted, so I don’t know if they had been blown off course by all the winds lately or if they have just started their migration south already.   We saw 4 whales this afternoon and I took a movie of one when he surfaced a few times.

The orchestra played a few feet behind my chair during dinner tonight, so conversation was difficult.  Karen and I both had long dresses for this formal dinner, so we didn’t feel as out of place as we did on the Aphrodite.

The other waiter was calling me darling tonight and pulled my chair out for me.  Dessert was flaming ice cream and the lights were turned out as they brought it into the room.  Each one was served on a carved block of ice.

Stefan Batory has been home for the last 9 days but it will be time to move back onto dry land sometime soon.

Today is Tuesday August 26th, 1975 and we are on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.