European Vacation – Stefan Batory – Day 10

It was a beautiful day today.

We saw the first people other than our on board family for the first time since we left Rotterdam.  (I don’t explain who these people were – or whether they came onto the ship or we were close enough to just see them on land.)

I finally got to know the names of the guys at our table.  There is Paul – the bearded professor, Chris – the Brandon professor, Hank – the Dutch guy and Peter – the Swiss guy.

We passed Quebec City today with its huge fortresses and we went under a bridge with only inches to spare to continue on our way to Montreal.

My other waiter asked me to meet him in the dining room at 9:00 pm tonight.  He obviously speaks enough English to have asked me and I thought about going.    It would be nice to know what he wants.  I was busy watching the Pathfinders – a terrific Polish group of kids and forgot about the time.  At 9:20 pm I did head for the dining room, but couldn’t find him.

We spent most of the evening anchored and within sight of Montreal, but could not dock yet.  I heard that the early docking fees were $1,000.00 per hour.


I’m pretty sure this is a picture of Quebec City – but know for sure (I think) that it is in Quebec somewhere.

Today is Wednesday August 27th, 1975 and we are on the St. Lawrence River.