European Vacation – Ontario

After a very cold and uncomfortable night we were into Ontario, Canada.  I didn’t get any sleep at all.  We had day coach tickets where we can put our seats back and sleep right there, but I hadn’t thought of needing a blanket in August.  The seats were not comfortable for sleeping either – but weren’t bad for day travel.

The train seems to be stopped more than it is moving.  The freight trains obviously have the right of way over the passenger trains, so we were constantly pulling over to let another freight train go by.

We stopped for about an hour at a tiny town somewhere in Ontario.  Tom and I walked through and around the town several times and still had plenty of time to spare.  Tom had been on Stefan Batory, but I hadn’t talked to him much at all.  Now that we’re on the train, we often visit back and forth.  Both of us wanted to go out to stretch our legs – so we did when we could get off the train and walk.

Doris is a Canadian who has been living in England for the last 8 years.  She is considering moving back to Canada though.  There is a Welsh couple who had been on the ship and are now on this train too.  They are going all the way to Vancouver.  After staying in Vancouver, they will be taking the train back to Montreal to board Stefan on October 1st.  Doris also plans on taking Stefan back on October 1st.

I’m not looking forward to another cold and sleepless night on the train, but there doesn’t seem to be any other option.