European Vacation – Home Again

As expected, it was another cold and uncomfortable night on the train.  Added to the cold and uncomfortable seats, was the night porter who had to come and yell at the guys behind me a couple of times – once for turning their chairs around and putting their feet up and once for taking their shirts off.  Since they were behind me, they weren’t bothering me, but the porter came around just as I was almost asleep each time.

I’m so glad I’m not going any further than Winnipeg.  It will feel good to sleep in a bed tonight.

Tom came by and told us that we were right on schedule and we stayed that way.  At 10:45 we were at the Winnipeg station.  Karen, Tom and I all had our families there to meet us.  I felt bad for Doris because her family wasn’t there yet.  She assured us that they would be there soon – so we all went off  in our own directions after saying our good-byes and left her there on her own.

After lunch we headed out to Grand Marais since my car had been left there.  The mosquitoes here had a very good summer, but they obviously missed me and my blood, and I had many bites before the end of the day.  The Manitoba mosquitoes don’t bother me though.

My car had been left the full 3 months with the parking brake on and it had jammed on after that long.  It took awhile before anyone could take it off so I could drive.

This ends my summer of 75.  What a great trip with wonderful memories.

4 thoughts on “European Vacation – Home Again

  1. I always love traveling to different countries in Europe. I have lived and traveled throughout Germany for many years. Europe is a great place to visit and the amount of activities to participate in are endless. Just make sure to bring or buy a map.


  2. I have realy enjoyed following your European jurney, i am probably as sorry that it has ended as you were at the time, thank you for sharing this with us.
    Best regards


    1. I agree – Europe is amazing. You can cover so many countries in very little distance (compared to Canada and the U.S) and each one is different.


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