It’s Still Chilly

It is -11 on April 11th and I realize that is about our normal temperatures.  Although looking back to last year, it was 2C in the morning for the walk on the 11th.  Back then the Red River was rising, and there was still snow and ice around.  Click here to see pictures from yesterday’s date last year.

Chester is still doing good and we’re almost at the 4 week mark since his last seizure.  We are still going one day at a time and I guess that is the way it will always be.

I am still behaving myself somewhat on watching my cholesterol intake.  I have to admit that when I read labels of the foods I ate regularly, I am glad that I have stopped eating them like I did.  Now I wonder why these companies are allowed to process such unhealthy foods.

I don’t have much in the way of pictures for you today.  I’ve found a new log in the river that could easily be the setting for my ‘bump on the log’ series this year.

Log - April 11
Log - April 11

It looks like a wonderful log for critters to sit on to make a nice bump on a log.

So far on Africam today, we have seen Elephants, Nyala, Terrapin, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, baboons, White-tail Mongoose, Egyptian Geese, Hadeda Ibis, Jackal and a pair of big cats.  Click here to see all the pictures from April 11th.