A Typical Day (in the Life of Mavis)

No day is every exactly the same, but we’ll just go over a typical day when I work.  Of course working different shifts changes things a bit each day too, but I’ll just pick one day.  🙂

My alarm goes off, set to a radio station that I never listen to.  I turn it off immediately and roll out of bed.  Chester has already beat me off the bed and greets me with a wagging tail and some kisses.

We head downstairs and Chester goes outside while I get his breakfast ready.  He gets about 2 cups of food, plus his meds.  I feed him when he comes back inside a few minutes later and then I head back upstairs for my shower after I make sure his meds have all been swallowed.  I emerge a few minutes later – all squeaky clean.  🙂

I give Jewel her food and fresh water.  She gets a mixture of seed and pellets, along with some veggies and a bit of cooked goodies (birdie goodies, of course).  The fish get some fish food and I sometimes add a bit of water to the aquarium if the level has lowered.

I turn the computer on and check email, write my blog for the next day and do some farming at Farm Town on facebook.  Then I open up the cams at Africam to watch while I have my breakfast.  I always log into the Boma to see who is around and chat a bit with them.

Then its time to walk Chester, so I grab my camera and his leash and off we go.  Generally the walk is between 20 minutes and 40 minutes depending on how much time we have and what the weather is like and how many pictures I take.  Chester is looking for something to chase and I’m hoping to get a picture of it before he chases it.  🙂  He is on leash, but the critter he is chasing doesn’t know that and will run.

When we return home, I put my lunch together and get it ready to go.  I sometimes have a few more minutes to sit down to watch Africam again before I have to change into my work clothes and go.

Then I go to work and I work.  🙂  I recently added apple breaks to my schedule so 2 hours after I get there I take a quick break to eat whatever fruit I brought.  Two hours after that is my 1/2 hour lunch break.  I always have my little netbook with me and if the wifi is working, I log into Africam.   Four hours later it is time to go home.

Chester almost always meets me at the back door when I get home.  He seems to know when I will be there, which is strange since I have the different shifts.  He goes outside while I get his supper ready for him – exactly the same as his breakfast with the same meds.  While he eats, I head upstairs to change into my jeans and t-shirt or sweatshirt.

I then grab something for me to eat and turn the computer on to catch up on email, facebook and Africam.  I open Jewel’s cage door and she spends the evening coming in and out and on top of the cage – sometimes getting off and bugging Chester.

If my daughter is home, I don’t see much of her or her cats, but if she isn’t home we usually have Cyrus hanging around in the living room with Chester, Jewel and I.

We hang out like this until bedtime – sometimes Chester brings one of his toys over so we play tug of war or fetch with it.  When I turn the computer off Chester heads for the door to go outside and while he is out, I give Jewel some hugs and scritches and then put her in her cage for the night.

Then its up to bed for Chester and I so we’re ready to start another day in a few hours.

Nothing too exciting around here.  🙂  My weekends are spent doing all the chores and errands that I don’t do during the week – since I don’t do chores and errands during the week.  Every penny I don’t spend on necessities is being stashed away for my trip to Africa.

A lot of thought is still going into this vacation.  I still have to finish paying for my lodging in Kruger and I have to book and pay for my rental car.  Time is flying by and soon I’ll be there.  🙂  As I’ve mentioned just a few times before – I’m a tiny bit 🙂 excited about it.

On Africam for April 16th we saw Elephants, Jackal, Civet, Duiker, Egyptian Geese, Nyala, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Impala, Terrapin,  Cape Buffalo, Zebra, Warthog, Guinea Fowl, Blacksmith Lapwing and Osprey.  Click here to see all the pictures for the day.