Vet Visit

I haven’t found anything to take pictures of for the last couple of days, so I’ll give you one of Chester’s pics and tell you a bit about our trip to the vet for his blood test on Friday.

We showed up a little early as always and when greeted, I said that Chester was there for his blood tests.  I didn’t hear everything she said – Chester was a little rambunctious 🙂 as always – but I heard heart worm.  When booking the appointment we had decided we might as well do the heart worm when checking his levels of the meds, so that didn’t mean too much.  The actual appointment had been made for checking levels.

We weighed him and they took him into the back room.  One of the girls came out and asked if I wanted the heart worm meds now and I said sure.  Then, just because all that had been mentioned up until that time was for heart worm, I asked her when I would get the results of the other blood test.  Her response was “other blood test?”  I told her that the heart worm was only added in since we were already taking blood today.  She then looked at the file, gasped and ran back to stop them bringing Chester back so they could do it.

Poor Chester was thinking he was on his way out when they pushed and dragged him back in.  He’s a happy boy – so he survived, even though this was a bit of an inconvenience.

Then we picked up the heart worm meds, paid the bill and headed for home.  I looked at the box when I got home and noticed that it wasn’t completely closed.  So I opened it and found out that there were only 5 heart worm pills in the box instead of 6.  The box said 6, the bill said 6, and there are always 6 in the box.

I was heading out again anyway, so I stopped back at the vet’s office to bring it back and get the right number of pills.  They apologized (again) and gave me a new box with 6 pills.

Again, this wasn’t a major inconvenience, but I’m not used to having to double check what they do there.  In their defense, there seemed to be a lot of people behind the desk this day, including a baby in a carrier and a little dog on leash next to her.  I’m thinking that this might have been one of the days when students from nearby schools spend a day at a workplace that they are interested in.

The problem with the heart worm pills is that if I hadn’t noticed it right away, he might have been unprotected for the last month in the year.  I wouldn’t have had the bill to see that I did pay for 6 and might have thought that the dosage had been reduced this year.  Or, I might not have even noticed.

Anyway, that is done for now, and hopefully we will get the results today or tomorrow.

Chester April 28
Chester April 28

It has now been 6 1/2 weeks since he has had a seizure.  🙂

Since the weather has been fairly nice, he is outside in the yard chasing shadows and sunbeams and whatever else he thinks about chasing.  When I am home, he is seldom inside the house now.  He is finding a lot more bunnies on our walks again and enjoys watching the ducks, geese and gulls along the Red River.

So far on Africam today, we have seen African (Cape) Buffalo, Hammerkop, Nyala, Elephant, Zebra, Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Impala, Baboons and Giraffe.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.

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  1. Good news about Chester. yes it is a pain in these days that we have to double check being given the right meds and any other treatment.Same at the doctors’ too, I find.
    Chester pictur today is absolutly gorgious.


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