It looks like the rain has now ended – at least for today, so maybe I will be able to get some pictures when Chester and I go on our walk in a little while.  After days of rain, the sun sure looks wonderful this morning. Pictures taken from the last time I visited the… Continue reading Pelicans

Robin and the Worm

In practice for my trip to Africa, I got pictures of a Robin in action catching his food.  🙂 I’m not sure that this will prepare me for watching a lion, leopard, cheetah or hyaena chase and catch an animal (especially a young one), but its a start.  🙂 Well – you can’t really see… Continue reading Robin and the Worm

Song Sparrow

It is so nice to be serenaded by the Song Sparrows as Chester and I walk along the Red River.  Now that there are leaves on the trees, I can’t always find them, but this one decided that the top of the tree was the best place to be.  The river behind him makes a… Continue reading Song Sparrow

Wood Ducks

Chester and I saw a pair of Wood Ducks the other day while walking along the Red River.  They were a long way away and it was a cloudy day, so the pictures aren’t the best – but they are just such beautiful birds that I had to show them.  🙂 So far on Africam… Continue reading Wood Ducks

Lions and Bears

This is my last post and pictures of the African Lions who have been at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg here.  The pair and their 2 month old cub have been sent home to Ontario. I had been hoping to get pictures of the cub when I was there earlier this month, but the… Continue reading Lions and Bears

Another Ducky Day

Chester and I found both Mallard and Wood Ducks on our walk along the Red River yesterday.  The Wood Duck did not cooperate much, but I managed to get a 1/2 decent picture of him.  The female Mallard cooperated, but I tried to use that extra zoom and ended up with blurry pictures.  😦  I… Continue reading Another Ducky Day


My old Elm Tree trunk always seems to have a new interesting mushroom growing on it.  The elm tree was lost to Dutch Elm Disease several years ago now and the city removed it to prevent spreading the disease. I still have two huge Elm Trees in my yard, but there had been four when… Continue reading Mushrooms

Rowers on the River and Chester

The rowers were out on the Red River in full force when Chester and I went for our walk yesterday.  They seem to treat the river the same as a highway and they keep to the right – so when I saw them, they were on the far side.  Once they get as far as… Continue reading Rowers on the River and Chester

Mallard Pairs

I guess finding a good and safe place to nest must be difficult for Mallards (or any ducks for that matter).  The pairs set up territories and defend this area from other ducks – especially same species ducks from what I can tell.  I did see a Wood Duck beating up a Mallard duckling that… Continue reading Mallard Pairs

Jail House Rock

We spent an enjoyable evening at Celebrations Dinner Theatre on Sunday.  As you may have gathered from the title, it was Jail House Rock and so many familiar singers from several years back were there in person to sing for us.  🙂 Headlining the show were Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, with appearances by June… Continue reading Jail House Rock