Red Lily Bug

I don’t have too many problems with bugs around here.  I know there are some who snack on my plants – but then the bunnies have a snack once in awhile too.  As I was taking pictures yesterday morning, I noticed a red bug on my lilies.  I zoomed in on it, but didn’t have my glasses on anyway – so didn’t see what I had until I came inside and uploaded what I had taken.  It turns out there were 4 red bugs in the picture and 2 of them were busy trying to make more.  One of them is cropped out of the picture to make the 2 busy ones more visible.

I searched for red bug online and discovered that they were Red Lily Bugs and that I soon would not have any lilies if I didn’t do anything about them.  The advice was to either squish them or put them in warm soapy water.  I wasn’t in the squishing mood, so took out some warm soapy water to put them in.  By then they had gone into hiding, but I managed to find a couple of dozen of them along with several eggs.  The eggs are soft and just bush off without too much problem, but I had to catch the adult ones one by one.

I’ll have to check the plants daily to make sure they don’t do more damage.  I’m sure I missed a few of them.

Red Lily Bugs May 15
Red Lily Bugs May 15

When I was catching bugs, I found a few who were busy like these 2 are.  I hope I didn’t leave any eggs to hatch because the larva are really disgusting looking and those are the ones who eat the lilies.  I’ve had these lilies for many years and would hate to loose them to a new bug on the block.

Here is the webpage where I found the info on these little guys.

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