Well – yesterday was the first day of registration for our summer programs at the Y.  I am writing this on the 7th – before I actually left for work, so hopefully I will have survived to be here when it shows up.  🙂

Actually summer registration is a breeze compared to fall registration and this year people will be able to register online.

On yesterday’s walk along the Red River, Chester and I found several bunnies and one pair of Mallard Ducks.  The bunnies are mostly in people’s yards and I seldom take pictures in yards, other than my own.

We have the falcons or kestrels back in the neighbourhood and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a good picture of one this year so I’ll know for sure what they are.  I found a pile of feathers in my yard a few days ago, so something caught a bird.  I don’t think Chester could catch a healthy bird and I don’t think he would pull the feathers off – so it may have been one of these birds – or even a crow that caught something.  I did see a crow with a bird that he had pulled the feathers off a week or so ago while walking.  He was too quick to get a picture of though.

It is raining out as we are heading out for our walk this morning.  Hopefully we will see some critters of some kind.

Here is yesterday’s Mallard Duck pair.

Mallards May 5
Mallards May 5

This is one of the nicer pictures I have of the female Mallard, but it was a cloudy and dull day for pictures.