On July 15th last year, Chester had his first seizure.  That was followed by several more as you know if you have been following my posts.  After months of adjusting his meds, he finally stabilized and his last seizure was on March 15th this year (3 1/2 months ago). It was a wild ride with… Continue reading Chester


As I’ve mentioned before we have a lot of bunnies in the city here.   Chester knows all their favourite spots and spends our walks hunting them.  I do worry about any babies that may venture into our yard because he will catch them.  There doesn’t seem to be any intent to harm them, but he… Continue reading Bunnies

More Yellow Birds

Yesterday, I had 2 different yellow birds hold a post long enough for pictures.  I just managed to snap one of the Yellow Warbler and then I was surprised to get a few pictures of the American Goldfinch.  🙂 I normally zoom till it stops and sometimes even less if I really want to at… Continue reading More Yellow Birds


On yesterday’s walk with Chester along the Red River, I found a Catbird singing.  He was perched in a dead tree where I have managed to get a few other bird pictures this year.  The birds that sing in the trees with leaves are much to hard to find for pictures, so I appreciate it… Continue reading Catbird

Orange Striped Butterfly

Sometimes it is hard trying to find the names of birds that I photograph, but finding names of butterflies seems even harder.  I’ll probably have to go back to the Assiniboine Park Zoo to find out all the names of the different butterflies they have in the butterfly garden before I find out.  By searching… Continue reading Orange Striped Butterfly

Electric Blue Butterfly

The Butterfly Garden at the Assiniboine Park Zoo now has a wonderful selection of butterflies.  The one I really loved was the Electric Blue Butterfly and it is absolutely gorgeous.  This shade of blue just happens to be my favourite colour.  🙂 Last year they just had Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies and as promised,… Continue reading Electric Blue Butterfly

Asian Lions

At least one of the Asian Lions is now on display at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  He is very nervous and was pacing while I was there, but they have blocked off most of the display to give him some privacy (which is hard in a round enclosure that is completely open to the public). … Continue reading Asian Lions