There are now 3 cats in the house again and one of them just had emergency surgery.

My daughter was talked into taking a friend’s cat (named Kitty) when the friend moved and was unable to take Kitty with him.  She brought him home about a week ago and all seemed well between her two and the visitor.  That was just a trial run and she agreed to pick him up to keep on Thursday night.

On Thursday morning Cyrus was rushed to the vet after he started yowling when trying to pee.  He had surgery that day and then spent all day Friday there. They had to keep him until he peed, so they could see how he did and ended up having to spend Friday night there as well.

Meanwhile, Kitty was claiming the house as his and Craven tried to avoid him without much luck, since Kitty followed him wherever he went.  They were both hissing when they got close.  It must have been the fact that Cyrus (the most sociable cat I’ve ever seen) was there when he came for his trial visit that there hadn’t been any problems.

Kitty wasn’t used to dogs and he doesn’t like Chester much either – again, hissing and arching his back whenever Chester tries to go anywhere.  Chester has been trying to ignore him, which seems to help, but Kitty doesn’t give an inch if he is standing at the door and Chester is going outside.  When I walk up, he will back off to let Chester get to the door.

Jewel knew as soon as Kitty walked into the living room that this was not a cat that she was familiar with and she started flapping her wings.  That actually scared Kitty enough that he ran out of the room, but he was back a few minutes later to check out the monster.  Jewel may spend a little more time in her cage until things settle down.

My daughter has received a few scratches when trying to intervene between Kitty and either Craven or Chester.

After Cyrus’ surgery, he shouldn’t have stress and with Kitty taking over the household, that could stress him.  He is also weakened somewhat and Kitty may also try to dominate Cyrus.  Basically, they will all have to be watched and very little contact between them until Cyrus is back to good health.  Kitty may be spending some time in with the bunnies instead of taking control of the house until then.

Kitty is much more vocal than the other cats but hopefully he will be content in with the bunnies.  He has met them and seems ok for short periods of time.

Cats are generally much easier to introduce together if one or more are kittens.  I recall one time adding a 3rd cat to the household when we already had 2 other cats.  They fought constantly and after 2 weeks of getting no sleep as they raced over my head while I was in bed at night, I finally had to give the 3rd cat away.  Hopefully this transition will go better, but Angela is not getting much sleep so far.  I expect they will be fine before too long, since there isn’t any actual fighting – just some hissing between the two of them and I don’t think Cyrus will fight either once he has recovered.

Craven has always been afraid of Chester – without any reason, but he came out of hiding to see me when Chester was just a couple of feet away and relaxed enough to lie on his back for some petting (by me).  Maybe this will convince him that Chester is nothing to fear and things may even be better between the critters.

Craven Jun 2
Craven Jun 2

Craven is a little tense here.  He had come out of hiding and lay on Chester’s blanket, but was keeping an eye on Chester who was nearby.  Within a minute, he had relaxed a bit and within another minute, he rolled over on his back.

Craven Jun 2
Craven Jun 2

Here he is still keeping an eye on Chester, but is quite relaxed.

Kitty June 2
Kitty June 2

I found Kitty in one of Craven’s favourite spots.

Cyrus came home Saturday afternoon and Kitty did try to dominate him also.  He is spending quite a bit of time in the bunny room and when Angela went out last night, he went with her.  I think that the best thing would be to find a temporary home for Kitty for a couple of weeks, so that Cyrus is healthy when he comes back.  But – we’ll see how much sleep everyone got last night.

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