Those Cats!

Things have settled down around here with the cats – whew.  Cyrus is doing well after his surgery and Kitty also ended up having his surgery to be neutered and he is doing fine.  Craven still isn’t thrilled with the newcomer, but they aren’t fighting (much).  Craven defends his food – he’s a bit overweight and wants to be first in the food dish.  There are a few dishes set out there and they never run out of food, so hopefully he loosens up a bit soon.

Kitty and Chester have sniffed noses a few times and he is no longer hissing every time Chester tries to move.  I expect they will be friends before too long.  Craven has never sniffed noses with Chester but  Cyrus and Chester get along fine.

I haven’t taken any recent pictures of any of them.

Since it has been raining for the last several days now, I haven’t taken any pictures at all.  Today’s picture isn’t mine.  I don’t even know who took it.  This is one that people liked when they saw it so they shared it and since there was no name on it, tracking back to the owner is almost impossible.  A lot of people have it saved on their computer.  It has a cat and a couple of dogs – the cat just happens to be a Leopard and the dogs just happen to be Wild Dogs.  🙂

Leopard and Wild Dogs
Leopard and Wild Dogs

I can’t even imagine the excitement of watching something like this happening and wish there was some way of knowing how this ended.  I’m sure the Leopard climbed a tree though – well I hope he did.

So far on Africam today, we have seen the Black Eagles and 2 chicks, Nyala, Elephant, Salome, the Cheetah and her cubs, Wildebeest, Kudu, Bushbuck and various bokkies.  Click here to see all the pictures from June 11.