Calm After the Storm

We had quite a storm Sunday night.  It didn’t last for long – but the winds and rain were wicked.  Unfortunately, the rain itself only last for about 10 minutes, but we went without power for 2 hours after that.  The temperature dropped from 33C  to 19C in that time.  We really need a good… Continue reading Calm After the Storm

Balloons Over Winnipeg

As well as not seeing much in the way of the ducks and geese along the Red River this  summer when Chester and I go for our walks, I also have hardly seen the hot air balloons that I normally see. I finally did see the usual CTV and Remax ballons the other day though. … Continue reading Balloons Over Winnipeg

The Furnace

One of the joys of living in your own home is equipment maintenance and replacement.  My furnace is responsible for heating and circulating warm air in the home in the winter and circulating the air conditioner air in the summer.  It is about 20 years old now and not energy efficient. I have mentioned the… Continue reading The Furnace


I saw a family of Mallard Ducks yesterday morning.  This might be one the same families I found a couple of times in June and the babies have really grown.  I guess thats good  🙂 Here are a few pictures I snapped of them. You can see the previous pictures of what I assume is… Continue reading Ducks


Our heat wave took a bit of a break yesterday and today is looking better so far.  It cooled down to 10C overnight and had dropped to 8C by the time Chester and I went on our walk – so the house has cooled off now.  🙂  We didn’t get the rain that we really… Continue reading Stuff


Hopefully the birds will continue showing themselves again when Chester and I take our walks along the Red River.  This time it was a Cormorant – but he didn’t make it easy.  I had to use the full optical zoom and then keep going into the digital zoom for the pictures that I got. I… Continue reading Cormorant


My friend Connie and I went to see Ghostbusted at Celebrations Dinner Theatre on the weekend.  We go to all the Celebrations shows and as usual this production was fun and entertaining. I am thrilled that they have brought back the prime rib dinner.  That used to be our meal at every show until they… Continue reading Ghostbusted

It’s A Wood Duck

I have no idea where the Wood Ducks nested this year, but I finally found one of the babies when Chester and I took our walk along the Red River yesterday.  It is a male and he is on his own and starting to show where his beautiful colours will be next year. I hope… Continue reading It’s A Wood Duck


Just as I had given up hope of seeing any wildlife when walking Chester along the Red River, there was a Catbird, chirping away to greet us yesterday morning.  🙂 He didn’t even fly off when I turned the camera on.  🙂 I also took a short video of him: So far on Africam today,… Continue reading Catbird

Flat Tire Stories

My post yesterday reminded me of how many people have helped me over the years with flat tires.  This must be the most common chore that men like to help women with, whether they know them or not. I thought I might go down memory lane and tell you about some of these incidents.  🙂… Continue reading Flat Tire Stories