Its All About Me!

A few months ago, I mentioned that my doctor had told me that my cholesterol was slightly high and that I should begin watching what I eat.  He gave me some reading material and I also searched online for more information.  I am supposed to go back for a re-check after 6 months – that should be in September.

I have made some changes for the better in my diet – but since he did say it was slight, I didn’t give up everything that I love to eat.  I just eat better most of the time (maybe 60%) and eat the good stuff in moderation (most of the time).

Some of the changes I have made are:

I eat more fish, more fruits and changed my breads and cereals to whole grain.

I eat smaller, more frequent meals (or have snacks of fresh fruit in between meals) – I have a banana break instead of a coffee break at work.

I still have a high cholesterol breakfast on Saturday mornings, but I have my toast without any butter.

I add Quinoa to rice or porridge and sometimes just eat it with vegetables.

I’ve almost stopped eating pizza.  Every Friday night used to be pizza night, but now its once every 6 weeks or so.

I read the labels on the foods and avoid the high sodium and high saturated fats.  It is amazing how high some of my favourite meals are.

I have no idea if my levels have improved at all, but I have lost 15 lbs.  I hope to hear good news when I go back for my re-check in September.

I admit that this picture has nothing to do with me – other than the fact that I took it.  I saw these 2 pigeons land on top of the chimney on a nearby school and just zoomed in to get them.


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