Yesterday morning at 4:45 am Chester had a seizure.  I really had hopes that these were all behind him, but I guess not.

I phoned the vet and we decided to just leave things as they are for now.  They didn’t feel another blood test was necessary at this time and said to wait and see if he has any more seizures before making any adjustments to the meds. One seizure after 4 months isn’t bad and unless he gets a cluster of them, there is a good chance he can go several months before he has another one.

This was was similar to the other ones he had.  It lasted about 2 minutes and was followed by about 1/2 an hour of pacing and being agitated, wanting to go down the basement.  On our walk a couple of hours later, he was back to looking for food on the ground instead of hunting for birds and bunnies.

He seemed fine when I left for work, but I decided to come home at lunch time yesterday.  He was fine then also as he was when I returned home after work – so its just back to a waiting game, starting over at zero again.

Chester July 20
Chester July 20

I don’t know where all the birds are that I used to find along the banks of the Red River every day last year.  I sometimes see a sea gull when getting near the river and hope to find several more once I get there – but nothing.  I hope my river gulls haven’t turned into shopping center parking lot gulls.

The songbirds are still singing, but they are very difficult to find in the leaves of the trees.

I’m going to have to find other topics to talk about.

Of course, I can always talk about Africam and how the lions (or some kind of kitty) seems to show up very soon after I go to bed at night (my night, which is Africa morning) or leave for work in the morning (my morning, which is Africa afternoon).

So far on Africam today, we have seen Warthog, Baboon, Impala, Blacksmith Lapwing, Vervet Monkey, Zebra and Black Eagle and chick.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.