People are Nice

It doesn’t surprise me that people are nice – I run into nice people all the time.  It does surprise me when they go out of their way to be nice – especially to me.  🙂

I had a flat tire yesterday (or my car had a flat tire, I should say).

I had thought it looked a little low when I got into it in the morning, but hadn’t checked it out before leaving.  I was buying some things at a family run business and the owner noticed a screw in the tire.  He then checked the pressure and said it was really low – so he brought out his compressor and added air to it.  It had obviously been a slow leak, so we figured that would be enough to get me home or to a garage to get it fixed.

It wasn’t enough and by the time I got part way home, the tire was completely flat.  I phoned CAA (Manitoba Motor League) and they said they could be anywhere up to an hour, but they would come.  I had turned into a shopping center parking lot, so I prepared to wait.  I started to get my donut tire out of the trunk and a young man with 2 children stopped to help.  He also offered to change the tire for me, but I told him I could wait for CAA and thanked him for the offer.

He and the children went into a store and I found a place in the shade to sit and wait for CAA.  They came back out about a 1/2 hour later and I was still waiting, so again, he offered to help.  I’m a little stubborn and he had the 2 children with him – plus it was another very hot day, so I again said no thank you, and that CAA would be there soon.  Then the kids both said that they wanted to help and he said it really wasn’t a problem and he would like to at least get it started for me.  So, I said yes.

He just barely got the jack under the car and the bolts loosened, when the CAA truck pulled up and Wanda from CAA took over.  The power stuff that they carry means the job is done very quickly, so it wasn’t long before I was on the road and headed for the garage near my home.  I phoned and asked if they had time to fix a flat today and he said sure, bring it in.

When I got there, he asked if I was going to wait.  I told him I could go home and come back when it was finished, but he said, it would probably be fixed and back on the car before I even got home.  My house is only about a 5 minute walk from there, so I figured I might as well wait then.  🙂  It was all fixed and ready to go in about 4 minutes and he parked the car and said ‘bye now’.  I asked what I owed him and he said nothing this time.  Both my daughter and I bring our cars there, so he has made some money off us, but this was unexpected.

So, in the course of about an hour and a half, 4 people helped me with the tire.  Wanda from CAA was paid to do her part of the job, but the other 3 were paid nothing – they were just being nice.

My pictures have nothing to do with nice people  🙂  although I did have my camera with me and could have taken their pictures – I didn’t.  Way back a long time ago, when getting married, a bride was supposed to pick out china and then that is what she would get for shower and wedding presents.  The one I picked out was called Brigadoon, by Royal Albert.  Basically, the design is a thistle flower.  It was something different.

Nothing too exciting really, but I thought of this china because I took a picture of a thistle in bloom a couple of days ago.  So, I have a picture of my china and a picture of the thistle.  🙂

Royal Albert - Brigadoon
Royal Albert – Brigadoon

It is still in excellent condition because I have hardly used it over the years.


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