Flat Tire Stories

My post yesterday reminded me of how many people have helped me over the years with flat tires.  This must be the most common chore that men like to help women with, whether they know them or not.

I thought I might go down memory lane and tell you about some of these incidents.  🙂

I remember that my first Volkswagen had a lot of flat tires.  I guess the tires weren’t the best.  I joined the Manitoba Motor League CAA (or AAA in the U.S.) and called them to change the tire when it happened.  Some times though, it really wasn’t convenient to call them.

My Dad changed it sometimes and if he wasn’t around I would go out and get working on it myself, but within a few minutes one of the neighbours would be out and would take over.  I finally figured that I had watched it being done enough that I was ready to change the next one myself.

The next one happened after I had been to the arena with a friend for something one bitterly cold night.  When we got out to the car, a tire was flat.  I got everything out and was ready to dig into it, but a couple of young men who had been there with their girlfriends saw me and insisted that my friend and I get into their car with their girlfriends while they changed the tire for me.  I was certainly grateful for their help, since my fingers seemed to be frozen before I even got started.  They did it quickly and we were off.  Whew.

The next time was in the summer and this time I was determined that I would change the tire myself – so I headed out to get working on it.  As usual, one of the neighbours came out to take over and I said no thanks, that I was going to do this myself this time.  He said ok, but to call him if I needed help.  Two minutes later, another neighbour came out to look after it for me and got the same response.  It took me about a 1/2 hour and in that time there were 2 or 3 more offers to do it for me – but I said no thanks each time and I did it myself!  I did it a few more times after that and got much quicker.  🙂

After that I got a new car with new tires and I didn’t have any problems for years.  When I did, I called CAA, or AAA when in the U.S.A.  One time was when my daughter and I were on our road trip to New York City.  We used AAA twice on that trip – once for my tire and once for another reason.  I can’t say enough about the wonderful service I have had from this company any time I have asked for it whether at home or traveling.  These days it is much easier to call for help with cellphones.  Some of you won’t remember life without cellphones – but I sure do.  That was the reason that it wasn’t convenient to call for help sometimes.

A few years ago, I had been in North Dakota with my daughter on a day trip.  She was driving on the way back when we got a flat on the highway.  She pulled over and the tire was completely flat.  I started pulling stuff out of the trunk to get the donut tire out when a gentleman stopped and offered to help.  He took  the tire off and looked at it and then said that he would be able to fix that for me.  He had tire plugs in his truck and within a few minutes the hole was plugged.  Then he said he would take the tire to fill it up at a station that he said was nearby.  We couldn’t see any stations, but since he lived nearby he would know where one would be.  It took him about 20 minutes, so it was a few miles away, but he was soon back with the fixed and filled tire and he put it back on.  I had some American money in my purse and he did accept it.  This gentleman was older than I was and I was glad that he accepted it, because he sure saved me a lot of time and trouble.   By the way, we had another 2 or 3 men stop to help us while we were waiting for him to return with the tire.  🙂

I have no pictures of tires being changed, but I took a picture of my mileage yesterday.

mileage July 21
mileage July 21

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