Our heat wave took a bit of a break yesterday and today is looking better so far.  It cooled down to 10C overnight and had dropped to 8C by the time Chester and I went on our walk – so the house has cooled off now.  🙂  We didn’t get the rain that we really need though.

A problem developed with my furnace a few days ago, which means I could not have the air conditioner on at all.  I have a furnace guy coming out today to check it out and am  hoping that it is just something minor.

Chester is doing fine after his seizure last week and I’m really hoping that we’ve got another 4 months or longer before his next one.

Chester and I haven’t seen many critters on our walks along the Red River again.  I did find what I think is a Song Sparrow trying to hide behind a leaf yesterday though – so I took his picture.

Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow

There are enough sparrows that resemble the Song Sparrow, that I can’t say for sure it is him without seeing more of his front, but I’m fairly sure.  🙂  He didn’t sing for me to verify his identity either.

So far on Africam today, we have seen Elephant, Impala, Zebra, Waterbuck, Nyala, Baboon, Giraffe, Egyptian Goose, Scrub Hare, Black Eagle and chick and Salome, our Cheetah with her 3 cubs.  Click here to see all of today’s pictures.