The Furnace

One of the joys of living in your own home is equipment maintenance and replacement.  My furnace is responsible for heating and circulating warm air in the home in the winter and circulating the air conditioner air in the summer.  It is about 20 years old now and not energy efficient.

I have mentioned the hot weather we have been getting for all July and so the air conditioner has been on, which causes the furnace fan to be on for most of the time.

A few days ago, a nasty screeching sound was coming from the furnace, so I turned the air conditioner and furnace off.  Luckily I was home, since it is on whether I am home or at work.  A few hours later, I decided to turn it on again to see if it would do that and it did – so I turned it off and called a furnace repair guy.  It was pretty hot in the house for the next few days while we waited, but luckily it did cool down at night.

The furnace guy came out on Friday and I turned it on for him.  It didn’t make a sound other than the normal furnace sound.  He was there for about 20 minutes and it was fine.

I know I didn’t imagine the noise though and he mentioned that it might be time to consider a new motor for it. It is reasonable to assume that there is a good possibility that this noise will start up again and the motor could seize.  I had already been considering an energy efficient furnace though so we started talking about that instead of just a motor.  He agreed that due to the age of the furnace, it is only a matter of time before something else is apt to go.

Once Manitoba Hydro approves the loan for it, we will set up an appointment for them to come back to install a new energy efficient furnace.  Then all I have to do is insulate this place and it should hardly cost anything to heat or cool it.  That is another loan and another day though.

Hopefully I will remember to take a before picture of the furnace, so I can do before/after on it, but decided not to take the before picture today.  Instead, we have a couple of new Chester pictures.  🙂

He is doing good by the way and I am very hopeful that he won’t have another seizure for at least a few months.

Chester July 27
Chester July 27
Chester July 27
Chester July 27

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