August 6 – Frankfurt and On

Landed at Frankfurt Airport at  12:30pm after  an uneventful trip.  I didn’t sleep much, but must have got some because it was suddenly light outside. My flight to Johannesburg doesn’t leave until 8:45 pm, so I have lots of time to kill.  They don’t even post the gate until 90 minutes before then, so I… Continue reading August 6 – Frankfurt and On

Winnipeg to Toronto and On

After months and months of waiting (which really flew by), today was suddenly the day I was leaving for South Africa. The day started of surprisingly chilly (10C) but sunny and very refreshing when  Chester and I took our last walk before I left.  As usual there were no birds or critters to be seen,… Continue reading Winnipeg to Toronto and On


I left packing the suitcases until I was finished work and on my weekend.  I was using some of the items so there wasn’t much use packing it and then living out of the suitcase before leaving.  I did the laundry Friday morning and began packing on Friday afternoon. The camera, of course, was still… Continue reading Packing

More Preparation and Planning

As well as booking the actual trip and items needed for the trip, there are many other things to be done. First on my list was a better camera.  If you have been reading, you know I bought 2 different cameras.  The first one was a Sony NEX (first a 3 and then a 5). … Continue reading More Preparation and Planning

Preparation and Planning

Planning and preparation for my trip to Africa is pretty much done. Planning started a year ago, when I contacted some amazingl friends who have experience traveling to Africa.  They gave me wonderful advice on the different camps in Kruger to consider.  They told me when I had too much distance to comfortably travel in… Continue reading Preparation and Planning

Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Mint produces every coin that is produced for circulation in Canada (which apparently numbers in the billions). It was built in 1976 and I have never taken a tour of the facility.  I’ve heard it said that most people never tour attractions in their own city and this is one that I haven’t… Continue reading Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg

Conservatory – Assiniboine Park

Inside the Conservatory at Assiniboine Park is a jungle of growth and even some critters.  I wandered around inside to take some pictures.  It is always so fresh and green with a natural smell. The Conservatory is a wonderful place to spend a bit of time.  If you walk around 5 times, you are apt… Continue reading Conservatory – Assiniboine Park

Garden of Life

Just outside the Conservatory in the Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg is a Garden of Life. As the plaque says, this symbolizes the chance for a new life that is possible because of organ donation and transplantation.  The plaque also says that the garden is filled with flowers that depict the shape or colour of the… Continue reading Garden of Life

Red River Ox Cart

Believe it or not, there was life in Winnipeg and Manitoba before I was born.  🙂 One of the means of transportation back then was an ox drawn cart.  In 1974 the Investors Group donated a larger than life sculpture of a Red River Ox Cart, which is on display at one of the entrances… Continue reading Red River Ox Cart

Grant’s Old Mill

in 1829, Cuthbert Grant built a flour mill on the bank of Sturgeon Creek in Winnipeg. A replica was built several years ago at the same location, which is a beautiful spot.  I could see myself walking Chester in this area and imagine there should be plenty of wildlife here.  I did not see much… Continue reading Grant’s Old Mill