Preparation and Planning

Planning and preparation for my trip to Africa is pretty much done.

Planning started a year ago, when I contacted some amazingl friends who have experience traveling to Africa.  They gave me wonderful advice on the different camps in Kruger to consider.  They told me when I had too much distance to comfortably travel in a day, what the accommodations were like at each camp and so much more.

With their help, I planned my trip, making several changes as I went along – until I had the perfect set of camps in the perfect order to make this trip – what else – perfect!  🙂

Once I was satisfied that everything was the way it should be, I phoned and booked the camps and paid the deposit.  It didn’t turn out exactly as planned, since one of the camps was already booked on one of the days, but I just added another date to a different camp later on.  I also booked and paid the deposit for Nkorho Lodge in Sabi Sands, where I will be staying for the last 3 days before heading for home.

Thank you so much to Penny, Janine, Gerda and Roger who all sent lots of details to help with the planning.  I am so thrilled that I will be able to meet Penny, her husband Jurek and Janine while I am there also.

The 2 days of flights for each way were booked through CAA, I booked my car through Avis and I booked my phone through Vodacom.  I will be flying on Air Canada, Lufthansa Air and South African Air Lines.  This will be the first time I’ve been to the new Winnipeg International Airport (they just opened it and I haven’t flown anywhere in ages).  I have been to the Toronto Airport, but so long ago, that it is probably new too.  I have been in Frankfurt Germany, but not in the airport and I have never been to Johannesburg Airport or Nelspruit Airport or Hoedspruit Airport.

Mavis is ready to go!
Mavis is ready to go!

SueW from Africam put this up on the Boma just before it was time to leave.  You can see her blog and some of the wonderful items she creates here.

Stand by – the trip begins here very soon.

Continued here.

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