More Preparation and Planning

As well as booking the actual trip and items needed for the trip, there are many other things to be done.

First on my list was a better camera.  If you have been reading, you know I bought 2 different cameras.  The first one was a Sony NEX (first a 3 and then a 5).  My problem with those is that I didn’t understand (and the salesperson didn’t explain) the difference between zoom in mm and in x.  I thought I could get more zoom with an interchangeable lens than I could with the one I had already, but it didn’t work out that way.  That Sony does take the clearest and sharpest pictures of any camera I’ve ever had before though.  I then moved on to a Nikon 36x zoom camera and that is the one I will be taking with me.  I have thought about bringing both of them, but am pretty sure it will just be the Nikon.

Also on the list were shots.  I got 4 needles in my arms and some malaria pills to bring along with me.  I start taking the Malaria pills the day before I land in South Africa – so that will be while I hang out at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

I picked up a large bag of bubble gum to hand out to children and some Manitoba pins to hand out to adults along with some Manitoba bookmarks for anyone.  The pins were a bit of a challenge.  I had been told that the Parks office at the Forks will give pins away to take on vacations abroad, so I went there first.  They only gave me 3 and suggested that I go to the Legislative Buildings or to my MLA to ask for more.  The Legislative Building was nearby – so I headed over there.  They gave me 15 and suggested the Forks or my MLA.  Since I had already been to the Forks, I decided to send an email to my MLA.  I didn’t have a lot of time by then so hoped I would get more to take with me.  I figured there would be a few people at each camp I am booked at who I could give them to.  A couple of days before I was going to hop the plane, I received a phone call from the office letting me know I could pick up a bunch of them.  🙂  I have about 70 pins altogether to hand out.

Manitoba Pins
Manitoba Pins

Here are some of the pins that I have to give away.  Before I could take another picture, Kitty was in to investigate.

Kitty and the Manitoba Pins
Kitty and the Manitoba Pins

I was also going to need money – both Euro for the airport at Frankfurt and Rand for South Africa.  I found out the place to get money was on Portage Avenue – this is where my bank would have ordered it from, but I would have to pay extra to get it sent to my bank.  So, I headed there myself one Saturday morning.  I walked in, placed my order and when she gave me the total, I pulled out my credit card to pay for it.  She looked t my card and said that they only took debit cards or cash.  I hadn’t even thought of that and although the money was in my account it was in a savings that did not have debit card access.  So, I went home again.  Two weeks later, I tried again – walked into the place and put my order in, but this time they did not have any Rand in stock.  She took my phone number and said they would call when they got it in.  So, I went home again.  They called me a few days later to tell me they had it in and I headed down on my weekend again.  This time, I made sure I could get at the money in my bank account and I left with a bundle of cash.  🙂

Euros and Rand
Euro and Rand

I bet you can guess which is the African Rand and which is the Euro.

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