I left packing the suitcases until I was finished work and on my weekend.  I was using some of the items so there wasn’t much use packing it and then living out of the suitcase before leaving.  I did the laundry Friday morning and began packing on Friday afternoon.

The camera, of course, was still in use – even though I wasn’t seeing much on the walks lately.  I made sure the batteries were charged on all my devices.

I had made a list months ago of what I was taking and where I would be packing it.  I had the suitcase that would be checked as luggage, I had my carry-on that would go above the seats and I had the largest purse I could carry to put under the seat.

My camera, netbook, cellphone,  some money, my debit card and credit card, passport, international driver’s license, snacks (fruit in particular), wet wipes and glasses went into my purse.  Although I am renting a cellphone while in South Africa, I may want to make a call or send a text from Toronto or Frankfurt airports.   I am also wearing a money belt under my clothing with most of the money.

My reservation confirmations, emails (with tons of info), maps, change of clothing,  jacket, bubble gum and the cords/chargers/converters for the camera, netbook and phone went into the carry-on luggage.

My clothing (jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pjs, etc), can opener, tripod, shampoo, scissors, nail clippers, Manitoba pins, more snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, bird and critters books and  flashlight went into the luggage to be checked.

Of course, these things never go without a hitch.  I bought a tripod a few weeks ago to take with me.  The tripod didn’t fit into the suitcases – not the large one that was being checked or the smaller carry on bag.  It was a matter of not taking the tripod or changing the set of suitcases I was using to the ones that I won a few weeks ago.  I really wanted to take the tripod – so everything came out that had been packed already and I re-packed it in the larger bags.  I was sorry I hadn’t tried to fit it in earlier, but thought it closed up at a good size and that it would fit.

I am going to South Africa!

I'll be back
I’ll be back

Picture is from SueW from Africam.  You can see her blog at Sue Loves Cherries.

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