Winnipeg to Toronto and On

After months and months of waiting (which really flew by), today was suddenly the day I was leaving for South Africa.

The day started of surprisingly chilly (10C) but sunny and very refreshing when  Chester and I took our last walk before I left.  As usual there were no birds or critters to be seen, other than one bunny, which Chester stalked for a couple of minutes before we continued on our way.

I fed and gave water to Chester and Jewel, fed the fish and watered the plants.  I also trimmed Chester’s nails and gave him a good brushing to get rid of any excess hair.

My first plane didn’t leave until 4:15 pm, but I had to get to the airport extra early – just because.  I had no idea where to go – the airport has been completely re-built since the last time I was there, and I had some questions to ask.  My daughter and I left around noon to get me there nice and early.  I would be spending a lot of time at airports over the next couple of days.

I went through security quickly and easily and had lots of time to have some lunch and then sit and wait.

Even with the wait, I was glad I checked in earlier after walking by security later and seeing the huge lineup.
All flights seemed to be on time, except for my flight.  The flight from Winnipeg to Toronto left 45 minutes late and landed in Toronto 1 hour late.  So the 2 1/2 hours I had between flights was only 1 1/2 hours.  I used most of that time just getting the to the correct gate.
Although I did not get his name, I talked to a young man on the first flight, who is a camerman and travels often for his job.  He hasn’t been to Africa yet though.
The next flight left on time and they provided a meal – at 10:00 pm.  I wasn’t expecting that and had already eaten – very quickly – once I got to the terminal.  I ate most of it though – just saving the bun and the desert for another day.

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