August 6 – Frankfurt and On

Landed at Frankfurt Airport at  12:30pm after  an uneventful trip.  I didn’t sleep much, but must have got some because it was suddenly light outside.
My flight to Johannesburg doesn’t leave until 8:45 pm, so I have lots of time to kill.  They don’t even post the gate until 90 minutes before then, so I can’t hang around the gate, since I don’t know where it is.

Information told me to go through security and sit in the area where I can get food, so I headed over to do that.  The first officer told me to drink the rest of my water or he would throw it out, so I took a quick sip and gave it to him throw out.   Then they pulled my carry-on bag out to look inside and decided to take my surge protector in to check it for something.  They didn’t speak to me in English and kept talking between each other in German, so I don’t know what they were saying.  One finally gave the surge protector back and said it was ok – so I headed over to sit down.  I just had a muffin for breakfast on the plane, so didn’t need any food then – just a place to sit.  I ate the bun and dessert from the plane after awhile.

Most of the sitting area was taken up by a sleeping family.  There were 6 kids ranging from about 3 to 13, plus the parents.  After they woke up, the 3 boys (the youngest) were all racing around and screaming for the next couple of hours.  I don’t want to sleep, because it would be better to sleep on the plane, so I just get up and wander around every once in awhile – while waiting to find out where to catch my flight.  I know it is in terminal B – but not which one.

I had to buy another bottle of water to replace the one the security threw out and it is much more expensive here than in Winnipeg.  I paid $2.50 in Winnipeg and got a smaller one here for 3.25 euro.  I was disappointed to find out the the free wifi advertised by the Frankfurt Airport did not exist.  They also had internet kiosks, but it was only free there if you were looking up the plane arrivals and departures.  I even ate at McDonalds there, just to see if I could get wifi in there, since it is free at McDonalds in Winnipeg – but no connection there either.

They have glass smoking cubicles here and all the smokers go inside to surround themselves with smoke.  I assume it is well ventilated in there, but I’m not going into check it out.

I finally found out the gate about 90 minutes before it was time to take off, so the girl at info was right.

I met a nice young girl who was on her way to volunteer with a veterinarian somewhere near Kruger.  She didn’t end up sitting near me, so we didn’t talk again.  But I hope she had a wonderful time.  Our plane was loaded and took off on time and we were on our way to South Africa on South Africa Air.   We again had a late meal as soon as we were underway.

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