Golden Centennaires

Mounted in the St. James area of Winnipeg, we have one of the jets used by the Golden Centennaires Aerobatic Team. The Golden Centennaires Team was formed in 1967 and displayed their aerobatics during Canada’s 100th Anniversary and is the basis for the current Snowbird Team. This plane has been displayed at this location since… Continue reading Golden Centennaires

The Forks

I have mentioned the Forks before, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet – so it is now time to show you a bit of this area. I took this picture from a bridge over the Assiniboine River – showing the Red River on the other side of the trees and the Assiniboine River flowing… Continue reading The Forks

Riel Pedestrian Bridge

The Riel Pedestrian Bridge is a free standing pedestrian bridge that was built alongside of the Provencher Bridge, which spans the Red River from Provencher Avenue to downtown Winnipeg.  It is just north of the Forks, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. The cables support the pedestrian part of the bridge, which has a… Continue reading Riel Pedestrian Bridge

Norwood Bridge Sculpture

The Norwood Bridge is the first of two bridges that take you from St. Marys Road in St. Boniface into downtown Winnipeg.  After the Norwood Bridge, which goes over the Red River  is a short stretch of land where the street becomes Queen Elizabeth Way and then onto the Main Street Bridge to take you… Continue reading Norwood Bridge Sculpture


Although I have only the normal orange tiger lily in my yard (which is beautiful on its own), there are many different colours of this beautiful flower.  In my area of the world, the tiger lily flowers in June normally, but some of the larger and fancier ones flower later.  It wouldn’t surprise me if… Continue reading Lily

Winnie The Bear

Once there was a bear named Winnie.  Winnie was purchased as a cub in Ontario by Lieutenant Harry Colebourn and named Winnie for his home town of Winnipeg.  This was back in 1914. I don’t know how long he actually kept her as a pet, but while Lieutenant Colebourn served in France, she was left… Continue reading Winnie The Bear

Boy With the Leaky Boot

We have had a statue of the Boy with the Leaky Book at Assiniboine Park here for as long as I can remember and according to Wikipedia it has been much longer than that.  🙂 It has been in Winnipeg since 1897 and at Assinibone Park since 1953. I also found out from Wikipedia (you… Continue reading Boy With the Leaky Boot

More Sculputures at the Legislative Bldg

I could probably spend more than a week showing all the sculptures and carvings on and around the Legislative Building here – but don’t worry, I didn’t take pictures of them all. I didn’t even take pictures of 1/2 of them, but I just might go back another day to get more.  🙂 This is… Continue reading More Sculputures at the Legislative Bldg


Its funny – I worked downtown and very close to the Legislative Building for many years.  There is (or at least was) a cafeteria in there and I went there for lunches sometimes, but I never really looked at the building. I drove there to take pictures of the Golden Boy and then started seeing… Continue reading Sculptures

Queen Victoria

As I mentioned yesterday, I said I would show you more of the Queen Victoria sculpture on the Legislative grounds in Winnipeg.  The picture I put in yesterday’s post didn’t really show the sculpture, since it was taken at a distance and pretty much looking towards the sun.   I zoomed in for some better pictures,… Continue reading Queen Victoria