August 14 – Crocodile Bridge, Kruger National Park

I started off my day with a bush walk as planned.  Two young men, myself and two escorts left here at 6:00 am in a vehicle.  I almost didn’t go to the vehicle, since I just assumed the walk would start from here, but since there wasn’t supposed to be a drive this morning, I asked – just to be sure and the walk starts off with a drive.

I loved the walk.  You get away from the road and traffic and its just us and nature.  We saw Elephants, Giraffes, a Pearl-spotted Owlet and Impala and we heard a Leopard sawing.  We saw the tracks of a Leopard, Genet, Civet and White Rhino. One of the Giraffes had one malformed horn.  I thought he only had one horn, but in my pictures I see the other one is bent over.  The ranger thinks something must have happened to it in the first few weeks of life to cause that since the bone would have been soft then.

In the middle of the walk, we stopped and had a little snack consisting of nuts & raisins, crackers, cheese, dip, chips, beef, chocolate and juice.  We ate as much as we wanted and then headed back towards the vehicle.  I don’t know for sure how long we were away, but I think it was over the 3 hours.  Maybe the walk was 3 hours, but the drive there and back was 15-20 minutes each way.  It was very close to 10:00 if not after and I know the young men were planning of checking out this morning.  Hope they made the checkout time of 10:00 am.

After that, it was time to head out to look for critters on my own again.

I headed towards Lower Sabi again, planning on having lunch there and maybe checking the Leopard tree from yesterday.  I did both – lunch was chicken something.  There were a couple of pieces of chicken along with something starchy with a sauce over it.  It was very good.  🙂  While there, as well as the usual birds, there was also a snake spotted down in front of the deck.  I heard that the possibilities were an Olive something or a Mozambique Spitting Cobra or a Sand Racer, but have no idea myself.  I did get some pictures though.  🙂  The snake has now been identified as an Olive Grass Snake.

Then I headed over to see if the Leopard was still there and got caught up in that traffic jam again.  It seems there were 3 cars in the best viewing spot and they weren’t moving.  I finally decided to work my way around them and explore the road a little further.  When I headed back again, the traffic jam was no better, but suddenly the Leopard decided to climb the tree so everyone could see her.  🙂  At that point, people were snapping pictures and then leaving happy – or at least trying to leave.  So many more cars were stopped that there was really no exit.  A ranger came along and cleared it, but didn’t stay and it didn’t take long for the lane that was opened up to be jammed again.  It took a bit of maneuvering, but I finally managed to get past them and headed back again.

Then I ran into a much smaller jam in front of a Lion.  I got to the front very quickly and snapped a few pics of the poor girl.  She had some porcupine quills in her face.  She was just lying by the road and looking very uncomfortable.

The rest of the sightings for the day are Zebra, Kudu, Southern Ground Hornbill, Warthogs, Helmeted Guinea Fowl, Marabou Storks, Hippos, Wildebeest, Grey Go Away Bird, Lilac-Breasted Roller, Yellow-billed Hornbill.

The guy in the next tent told me that he just past 2 Cheetah near the road and there was a traffic jam there.  It was 10 minutes to 6:00 pm and the gate closes at 6:00 pm, so there wasn’t much use getting out there at this time of night.  It is already dark now anyway.

I just realized that Crocodile Bridge does not have the cattle gate entrance that the other camps have.  Both Berg-en-Dal and Lower Sabi have the cattle gates and they are electric also, but Crocodile Bridge just has an open gate.  I starting thinking about that after watching a few Warthogs running around.  I guess they can just come and go.  Any other critter can also come and go to.  At Berg-en-Dal, they even have electric barriers along the fence and around the trunk of any tree that has branches going over the fence to keep all critters (except birds) out of the camp.

Tomorrow I head for Lower Sabi Camp. I’ve already been there for lunch the last couple of days.`I will be staying in a hut there.

Things are winding down for another day and I am listening to a nearby Hippo.

Giraffe - Aug 14
Giraffe – Aug 14
Pearl-spotted Owlet Aug 14
Pearl-spotted Owlet Aug 14
My Tent at Berg en Dal
My Tent at Berg en Dal
Hippos - Aug 14
Hippos – Aug 14
Leopard Aug 14
Leopard Aug 14
Warthog - Aug 14
Warthog – Aug 14
Olive Grass Snake - Aug 14
Olive Grass Snake – Aug 14
Olive Grass Snake - Aug 14
Olive Grass Snake – Aug 14
Cape Glossy Starling - Aug 14
Cape Glossy Starling – Aug 14
Elephant - Aug 14
Elephant – Aug 14
Marabou Storks - Aug 14
Marabou Storks – Aug 14
Zebra - August 14
Zebra – August 14
Kudu - August 14
Kudu – August 14
Southern Ground Hornbill - Aug 14
Southern Ground Hornbill – Aug 14
Giraffes - August 14
Giraffes – August 14
Elephant - August 14
Elephant – August 14

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