Arctic Fox – Assiniboine Park Zoo

I love the little Arctic Foxes.  Well – yes, I love all the critters and they are all special, but these little guys are  – well, special.  🙂 They are very difficult to get a picture of because the chain link fence surrounding their enclosure is hard to shoot through and they seldom stop moving… Continue reading Arctic Fox – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo

It is unlikely that I will ever be able to see Tigers in the wild – so the zoo is the next best place.   It was very exciting when 2 young Tigers were born there last year and I visited a few times to watch them.  They were usually sleeping and I have never… Continue reading Tigers – Assiniboine Park Zoo

Yellow Leaves

The yellow tree that I posted a few days ago is now bare and all the yellow leaves are on the ground.  The leaves that were on the ground before are all covered in snow and the rest of the leaves are on top of the snow.  A couple of days of snow with below… Continue reading Yellow Leaves

Przewalski’s Horses

Assiniboine Park Zoo, here in Winnipeg is now home to a pair of male Przewalski’s Horses and they were one of the main reasons I headed over to the zoo on Friday.  I had to see them of course! Both horses came over to say hi to me when I arrived so I was able… Continue reading Przewalski’s Horses

Boo At The Zoo

Boo at the Zoo at Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg has sure come a long way since the one and only time I took my daughter to it when she was young.  It was a pretty big disappointment then with very little to see or do in a very small area just inside the zoo… Continue reading Boo At The Zoo

Is This It?

We have snow on the ground.  The question is “will it stay for the winter now – or will it melt”?  According to the forecast, the temperature is supposed to rise above 0C in a few days – but the ‘feels like’ temperature will still be a minus. We go through this every year.  Some… Continue reading Is This It?

Yellow Tree

The trees are all pretty bare now, but there is an occasional one holding onto the leaves.  There is one with beautiful yellow/orange leaves that we walked past on our walk yesterday and even in the cloudy day, it stood out. The leaves are coming down fast now though. I am still missing the sun. … Continue reading Yellow Tree