A couple of weeks ago, I had a new energy efficient furnace installed in the house.  On Friday Manitoba Hydro is coming over to inspect it, so I have to be available at home from noon to 4pm.  This means I have to rush out in the morning to get all my errands and grocery shopping done.  After that, I can hang around the house getting chores done until he or she arrives to do the inspection.

At the top of my list is cutting the leaves into mulch, but to do that, the leaves have to be dry and crisp.  Right now it is raining and looking like rain and snow will be coming down today and tomorrow.  We will need a few warm days in a row to dry them out enough to get that chore done.

This is Thanksgiving weekend coming up and I have 4 days off work and getting yard work done was most of what I had planned.  Eating is in the plans too (of course).

Another item in my plans is watching Africam as much as possible.  Hopefully that doesn’t interfere with all the rest of my plans.  🙂  I have been known to spend several hours watching – just in case something might walk into view.  Other times, there are plenty of critters around and I just never get a chance to get up to go.

Chester and I will go for our walks along the Red River of course and with some luck, there may be picture opportunities.  I’m just hoping there won’t be any snow in the pictures.

Today is World Animal Day.  That is pretty much the same as all days are for me.  🙂

Have a great day and keep watching the cams!