What Happened to Autumn?

We managed to go from mid 20C to 0C in about a day with rain and snow flurries and a very nasty wind.

The snow isn’t staying because the ground is still nice and warm and the temperature hasn’t gone much below zero yet, but this really ruined my plans on spending the weekend cleaning up the yard and mulching all the leaves.  I have 3 inches of wet leaves all over the yard and have no idea if they will dry up enough to chop up before the real snow falls.

On another fun note – the furnace inspector came over yesterday to inspect the new furnace.  My time was set between 12 noon and 4:30 pm, so I hung around all afternoon waiting for him.  He arrived at 4:35pm.  He inspected the furnace and found 2 minor problems.

These little problems mean that I have to call the company who installed it and arrange for them to fix it.  Then they send the notice back to the inspector who will then schedule another time to come back and re-inspect it.  That means 2 more of my days off work are shot.  It shouldn’t take the company long to fix the problems, so I’m hoping they will set a time to come – maybe before I leave for work one morning instead of me having to hang around a full day for them to come for a 5 minute job.

I don’t think either of these problems really need a re-inspection.  I should be able to watch them fix and and sign off on the form myself, but I don’t have any say in the matter.

Nasty weather or not, Chester and I are having our usual walk in the morning, but we are not seeing anything to take pictures of.  Its hard to take pictures when it is raining and snowing anyway.  Chester has found some bunnies (of course), but none of them wanted to pose for pictures.  🙂

Meanwhile on Africam  –  please join us as Africam and WWF team up to bring attention to the crisis for the Elephants, Rhinos and Tigers due to poachers.  Every little bit helps including taking pictures using Africam’s ‘take photo’ button to share on facebook or twitter.