I seem to mention Africam often, for some reason.  Africam just happens to be one of my addictions.  My other addictions are popcorn and chocolate.  I guess I really should add travel to my addictions since I know I would love to take a world trip.

Although Africa was always on my list of places I wanted to visit (along with Australia, New Zealand and South America), it was Africam that convinced me that Africa had to come first.  Now that I’ve had the first visit there, I really need to go back to see more.  🙂

I still want to visit Australia, New Zealand and South America though, so I need to win a lottery to cover all of this.

There are still a couple of provinces in Canada and states in the U.S. that I haven’t been to as well as Mexico, but otherwise, North America has been pretty much covered.  I covered most of Europe also, but nothing in Asia and as you know I only visited a very small area of Africa this summer.

Europeans have it lucky that they can travel from country to country without much time or effort, since the countries are so much smaller and closer together.  They also have much quicker access to Africa.  I do have quicker access to South America, as well as the U.S. though.  I am much closer to the Polar Bear regions and have thought of heading north to see them one day as well as heading to one of the states I have not covered – Alaska.

While writing this, I think I’m starting to piece together a world tour starting when I retire in a few years.  First I have to pay off the last trip and then I have to start saving money – lots of it.  Maybe I should open up my paypal account for donations – LOL – or I’ll just buy some lottery tickets.

I will probably retire at the end of March one year, so I could spend April, May and June touring Europe and Asia – July, August and September in different areas of Africa – October & November in Australia/New Zealand – December In Hawaii, January, February & March in South America – April in Mexico – May on an Alaskan cruise – June & July in Eastern Canada (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, PEI) – August & September back to Africa.  🙂

Travel The World
Travel The World

Right now its time to head to Africa, via Africam.  Have a great day!